Education is a critical component of a young woman’s path to lifelong success and independence. At Turnbridge, we believe that addiction must not be allowed to sidetrack a woman’s educational path. We actively encourage continuity of study as well as planning for the completion of high school or college following treatment. 

By the time young women reach Phase II of our program, she has attained the emotional stability and shift of perspective needed to refocus on her educational aspirations. At this time, Turnbridge Educational Advisors and available tutors help clients plan to move from current education status to their next step. 

No longer under the sway of substances, a young women’s horizons and aspirations may change. Our advisors help young women understand their options and help her align goals with available programs and resources. Our advisors are knowledgeable and connected with a wide range of educational institutions and programs able to help each young women create a plan able to keep her on target after leaving treatment. Young women can work with advisors in our Learning Lab to write resumes, apply to colleges, and complete job applications.