December '14 Unsung Hero: Eli Ostroff

Eli Ostroff is Turnbridge’s Unsung Hero for the month of December.  Eli began working as a member of Turnbridge’s Support Staff just over a year ago, while he was still a resident in the sober living phase (Phase III) of the program.  Eli has become a valuable member of the Support Staff team, serving as a shift manager at Phase I and II.

With an energetic spirit and personal experience in addiction, Eli has the ability to relate to residents and the desire to lend support and encouragement.  “The largest benefit to working at Turnbridge is that I get to stay connected to the residents,” Eli said.  “It gives me a constant reminder of where I was a year ago.”  

For Eli, the benefit of working at Turnbridge lies in seeing first-hand the progress made by residents.  “It is an amazing thing to see guys come in and struggle through Phase I and III, then flourish and thrive in Phase III and become my good friends.”