Education is the key to personal success and a powerful tool for successful recovery

At Turnbridge, we make academic progress a top priority because we see education as an essential ingredient of lasting recovery. Academic success is a key to opportunities and aspirations for young people. When addiction threatens one’s ability to complete education, it closes doors and exacerbates negative self-perceptions. Helping young people reaffirm their commitment to academic achievement not only offers them a more promising future but also improves their outlook and provides more reasons to remain in recovery. In many ways, what is good for education is also good for personal wellbeing.

Turnbridge academic advising services begin soon after clients arrive. Our highly qualified academic advisors work closely with clients, parents, and academic institutions to assess current educational standing, set goals, make an actionable educational plan, and facilitate the process. The entire client care team is involved in the development of the educational plan, and educational progress is a success metric used throughout treatment. 


Academic Advisor
Jamie is a Yale University graduate with a degree in American Studies, specializing in Politics and American Communities. After graduation, Jamie moved to Dallas, Texas to teach sixth grade Reading and Language Arts with Teach for America and completed her teaching certification for Grades 4 through 8.

From her time spent in the classroom as both a teacher and a learner, Jamie understands the importance of individualizing education to each student's needs. By determining students’ learning style and past experiences in education, Jamie is challenged to uproot ingrained perspectives toward academics and schoolwork to meet individual needs.  

Jamie is passionate about providing accessible education to all students, regardless of age, gender, or life history.

Since the age of seven, Jamie has been an avid tap dancer. In her free time, she practices yoga, pets other people's dogs, and is a seasoned world-traveler.

Comprehensive Academic Advising Services

Turnbridge clients receive comprehensive academic advisory services. Services are customized to meet the academic needs and aspirations of each client. 

  • Comprehensive academic plan development
  • Teaching study strategies for stress reduction
  • Tutoring service coordination and liaising
  • Coordination with current and previous schools
  • Ongoing academic advice 
  • Assistance with colleges and university outreach
  • One-on-one group advising 
  • Educational workshops and facilitated group discussions
  • Record and transcript review and management
  • Direct care team coordination
  • Regular supportive study halls
  • Access to ivy league educated academic advisors familiar with non-traditional students
  • College transfer assistance
  • Step-by-step help with the college admission process
  • Academic writing workshops
  • Workshops on the college admission process including personal statement writing and college interview preparation
  • Study skills and time management workshops taught in a fun and practical manner

We focus on financial literacy, use of local transportation, and job training at Turnbridge

Coordinating academic, recovery,
and mental health programming for greater success

Coordinating academic, recovery, and mental health work is important. It can be difficult for people in early recovery to balance the rigors and responsibilities of educational advancement with the hard work of recovery. Working together, academic advisors, case managers, and clinicians can help clients work toward their academic objectives while maintaining the path to lasting recovery and improved mental health. 

A collaborative approach to academics also helps to address evolving goals. As Turnbridge clients progress through the process of self-discovery and self-development that is an essential part of therapy, their visions of the future clear and improve. During this time, new ideas about educational and career opportunities and aspirations often evolve. Coordination and communication between members of the client’s care team and academic advisor identify these new opportunities and ensure that information and resources are made available to help clients pursue their academic passions.