A Commitment to Residents' Education

At Turnbridge, addiction treatment does not have to interrupt education. Not only do we strongly support ongoing education as part of a healthy lifestyle, but we actively advocate for client education every step of the way. Beginning in Phase II, our Educational Advisors and available tutors work with each client to assess their current educational status and actively enroll students in appropriate high school or college coursework. Our Educational Advisors use their in-depth knowledge of local and national high school, college and university programs to align the needs and desires of clients with the institutions and coursework best suited to their individual goals and pursuits. Our Advisors ensure that credits earned in high school or college prior to coming to Turnbridge are counted and applied to allow clients to keep pace, and work to find the opportunities that help them excel.

We focus on financial literacy, use of local transportation, and job training at Turnbridge

At the Turnbridge Learning Lab, Educational Advisors work with clients on every aspect of education from finishing high school, to finding and applying to the right college, to resume writing for those entering the workforce. But here, education means more than just academics. We also focus on financial literacy, management and budgeting, use of local transportation, and job training.